what is media management in mass communication

This module gives learners an overview of the principles and concepts of multi-camera studio production. This module equips learners with the presentation techniques required to be a broadcaster for both radio and TV. Fundamental psychological principles will be applied to increase students’ understanding of how media communication affects the way the user perceives, interprets and responds to the confluence of media in our society. In today’s media landscape, the skillset to understand and generate new insights about your business environment is an important competency. In today’s volatile and dynamic business environment, one thing that remains relevant and essential is the fundamental skills of management. Journalism that focuses on collecting and publishing news: This kind of study of journalism that produce and distribute content that conveys broader message to public through newspapers, Televisions, Radio and smartphones. What Are The Best Relationship Mapping Tools For Business? This module aims to advance effective business presentation and writing skills through a mastery of core business message design principles necessary for fruitful communication in the workplace, adapted for varying communication purposes to different business audiences. Because in this blog, Apart from the meaning of mass communication, a lot of interesting and the courses related to this subject have been brought for you. Mass media refers to a diverse array of media technologies that reach a large audience via mass communication.The technologies through which this communication takes place include a variety of outlets. Today’s workplace requires graduates who can communicate confidently in a variety of circumstances. This module provides learners with an overview of the processes involved in film and video production. communication media, communication age, communication management are just a few. People were to confused what to buy, what to learn about and where to go. Mass Communication: Definition. They will be taught basic TV production grammar and be required to apply them in film and video projects. Read the full article on The Straits Times here. What is Mass Communication & Media? Required fields are marked *, Mass Communication Examples: Mass Media Communication Channels. They both play vital roles in establishing relationships and communication across a broad spectrum. Learners undertake practical project work under the supervision of lecturers and learn to apply the various concepts and knowledge acquired during their academic training in the first two years. As part of their industry project, DMMM students produced two music videos for songs from an album released to salute the contribution of national servicemen. Learners will be able to learn financial analysis techniques, conduct financial planning, manage working capital, evaluate financing options and make budgeting decisions for media-related projects. The learning of each software will culminate with an assessment where the learner will get to demonstrate his/her competency with the software. Mass communication is unlike interpersonal communication. In addition, learners will learn digital information skills to conduct business research and effective oral communication principles to translate key messages and findings in business documents into clear presentations. Here is the link to "Catch": http://online-catch.squarespace.com. This module focuses on interviewing and storytelling techniques, the creative writing process, self-editing and publication. Learners will understand the landscape surrounding the media industry, its development, the institutional arrangements and related media management principles. Old Media . Contemporary communication media facilitate communication and data exchange among a large number of individuals across long distances via email, teleconferencing, internet forums and many other forms of communication. Thanks for the A2A. Mass Media and Mass Communication are two important aspects of communication . To provide you an all-rounded education, NYP offers General Studies Modules (GSMs). The concept was first addressed during the Progressive Era of the 1920s, as a response to new opportunities for elites to reach large audiences via the mass media of the time: newspapers, radio, and film.Indeed, the three forms of traditional mass media today … There was a time when people use to switch on the radio for listening bulletin information or pick up the newspaper for reading daily headlines and information to know what is going on in the world all-around with a cup of tea in their hand. The communication media acts as a channel for linking various computing devices so that they may interact with each other. They will experience and understand the challenges and recovery issues faced by entrepreneurs through research, case studies and sharing sessions. Financial management is an important aspect of every business and is vital to its success. They will also have the opportunity to direct different programme genres, including news, magazine and music programmes, and talk shows. Students develop practical knowledge of the message creation process in different mediums (e.g. In this module, learners will develop essential 21st century skills on how to present and write proficiently in various professional settings. Joshuah, Alvin and Wesley then went on to win the top prize of $3,000 and their short film "Chiak" was also screened in all Golden Village cinemas islandwide for two weeks. Mass communication using various channels has helped increase public awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors on a multitude of health topics (3,4). Learners will also be introduced to areas such as personality, attitudes and perceptions, decision-making and motivation, team building, organisational structure and design. Newspapers (Though the digital media is being popular, still – a greater portion of Americans and educated senior people from all over the world love reading Newspapers (Either its a paperback form or in Digital Form though Android/iOS app or Websites). They will also be trained to learn how organisations communicate stories and information to enhance their strategic goals. And even, mass communications creates the authenticity of news, contents and the media. It also teaches hands-on skills like video and audio editing to prepare learners for the broadcast industry. Learners will be taught the basics of consumer behaviour and how to capitalise on media consumption habits to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing plan. It complies with Civic Journalism and Citizen Journalism. The following are common examples. For example, think of the way you made use of to access to this information. You Can Also Check: Forms of Communication. All these examples above show the importance of mass media and their sources. Mass media refers to the technologies used as channels for a small group of people to communicate with a larger number of people. In today’s workplace, employers are looking for graduates who are dynamic and have a grasp of a wide spectrum of the media. By making use of mass media, it is possible to reach the vast majority of the public. With more products and services competing for customers’ attention and share-of-voice, one way to break away from the clutter is by creating a compelling and consistent brand message through Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Magazines (Unlike newspapers, people love storing Magazines and Tabloids on their drawing room. Well, if the Mass Media and Communication system were not there; we would be in dark in 2020. The mass communication career field encompasses writing, editing, broadcast, online media, public relations and more. Media and Communication or Bachelor of Business Administration in Media and Communication is an undergraduate Mass Media and Communication course.The program guides its attendants on the skills required to be a professional in journalism & news reporting, advertising & PR, corporate communication, TV & film production arts, news writing, scriptwriting, radio arts and editing etc. This brochure highlights the advantage that NYP gives to our learners to bring out the best in them. If you are interested in this course, learn more about its entry requirements and our admissions exercises. This module provides learners with an introduction and overview of the media industry, the key players within the industry, and the entire spectrum of activities within the media business. In a world that is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, employers value graduates who can independently innovate and develop solutions that meet the needs of its users. This module enables learners to understand and apply the fundamental concepts and principles of financial management with respect to the media industry. Final-year students from SBM’s Diploma in Mass Media Management were behind the cameras, lighting, autocue, audio and just about everything in the studio as they worked behind the scenes of the Asian Academy of Creative Awards (AAA) Producers Summit and Masterclass. Through a combination of prescribed and elective inter-disciplinary GSMs, you will gain interesting, practical knowledge that can be beneficial to you as you prepare for the world of work and life after graduation. Digital media comprises both Internet and mobile mass communication. DMMM alumni Joshuah Lim, Alvin Lim and Wesley Lim (Class of 2015) clinched the top prize at the GV25 Film Shorts competition. Media management is related to marketing in digital platforms or the field of mass media. The learners’ performance during their attachment is graded. The subjects included in this course are communication research, development communication, development of media, interactive communication skills, media law and ethics etc. New Media . Social Media: Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn are the mainstream ways (new media) these days to reach out to mass public of a specific or broader region. Learners will be guided to explore commonly used features on these software using a variety of scaffolded exercises. Still, FM Radios are being popular and people listen to them a lot these days). In November 2017, four DMMM students were awarded the first ever NYP Industry Scholarship thanks to our partner Fox Networks Group (FNG). Interpersonal Communication: definition, types and functions . They will learn to present the news and deliver a ‘live’ report at the scene where the news is taking place. In today’s media landscape, employers are looking for graduates who understand the audience needs for different media platforms such as terrestrial TV, pay TV, radio and new media. There will be opportunities for learners to take on the role as a media content strategist to perform the key job functions in acquisition, scheduling, promotion and evaluation of programmes, with the aim of maximising viewership, listenership and airtime revenue. I will try to answer the question to the best of my knowledge. MBA Media Management is a full time 2 years course at postgraduate level with specializations in certain fields such as television and print media.This course trains the students to become good leaders in the field of media management by training them with efficient management skills in the respective field of interest. The attachment provides learners with real-life working experiences and develops in them the right work attitude, a practice-oriented and hands-on mindset, and the ability to work with diverse people in an organisation. Media Management is an interdisciplinary course and contains parts of management along with the fundamentals of Mass communication & journalism. Mass Communication is referred to as the channels of communication sending messages to a large group of unknown and mixed people. For centuries, the public relied on newspapers to provide them with the latest in current events. Broadcast media transmit information electronically via media such as films, radio, recorded music, or television. Sustained media campaigns are recommended population approaches to modifying diet, physical activity, and tobacco use behaviors (2). Through communication, both communicator and receiver enter into a mental agreement. In the studio, the students worked closely with the two hosts, local celebrities Bobby Tonelli and Yvette King. Our Diploma in Mass Media Management opens doors for you to further your education at reputable local and overseas universities. Two final-year DMMM students, Gladys Lim and Janna Khoo, travelled to the All-England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, England, to cover the grandest of all Grand Slam tournaments. The term is not limited to only journalism but spreads its branches to various other media fields including newsgathering and reporting, film direction and production, event management, public relations, advertising, corporate communication, and the list … They won the Student Project of the Year Gold Award for their digital publication “Catch”. TEP takes place in the third year of the diploma for an entire semester whereby students get to specialise in production, print and creative services management. Law is a useful tool for describing and defining these expectations of the parties to the relationship. Then, just before the beginning of the 20th century; radio emerged as the relevant source of mass media. Mass communication is a process in which a person, group of people, or an organization sends a message through a channel of communication to a … The total duration of this course is 2 years and it is divided into 4 semesters. Learners will develop the capability to use and practice audience-centred persuasive and professional language in presentations and writing including for new and social media environments. Bottom Line In this article, I discussed the most important aspects of mass media and mass communication. Learners will learn to identify, assess and develop new or improve on existing business ideas, as well as plan, implement and manage these business ventures profitably. Learners will learn to edit different genres through editing assignments and gain further hands-on training on the Final Cut Pro digital editing system. Mass media is the sources that the general public uses to get their information from. Mr. Loh Aik Khoon, Head of MDC said, “It was a great pleasure working with the DMMM students. The media is a powerful presence within the lives of others. Group Communication: definition and types (small and large group communication). It establishes a measure of certainty. To learn more about the GSMs offered, click here, This module enables learners to understand advanced practical, conceptual and aesthetic aspects of video editing and post production in a non-linear environment. It can be described as the main channel of mass communication. As the very term indicates, the ultimate aim of the communication process is to create commonness between communicator and receiver of the message. Master’s degree programs in media and mass communication programs introduce students to the foundational theories and concepts behind exchanging information and messages on a large scale, including research methodologies used across communication-focused disciplines. Learners will be able to apply their learning across various fields such as media consulting, advertising and media research. The success of a business depends on relationships between individuals and companies. Copyright © 2018 NYP, Singapore. Learners will learn topics like the managerial functions of planning, organising, co-ordinating, leading and controlling. Mass communication … This includes understanding the various approaches in communication research as well as basics of inferential and descriptive statistics. Mass communication as a career profile is not limiting in any sense as it spreads its reach from newspapers to magazines, radio, television, advertisements, public relations and event management. But if you want to get clear and more innovative knowledge about mass communication, then definitely this blog is for you. Mass communication is a broad field that includes photography, filmmaking, journalism, advertisement, public relations, content writing, blogging, and print media, among others. Be trained to use the latest equipment and software in our state-of-the art NYPTV Studio@D1 and Media Hub, and work on exciting industry projects with companies such as A+E Networks, Disney, Turner Asia Pacific and Mediacorp. Learners will learn the different techniques needed for writing news stories, personality profiles, features, reviews, editorials and scripts for newscasts. In this module, learners will acquire important 21st century skills in the area of primary and secondary research, as well as interpreting media analytics. The eight were then cut down to the final three who were given $2,000 to produce their movies. Before the advent of Television, families would gather around the radio to listen to radio station programs. Sumit Tiwari, Vinisha Haresh Mirpuri, Cara Oh and Mildred Chan became the first NYP-Fox Networks Group Scholarship recipients. B.B.A. Channels of communication cover radio, broadcast television, social media, and print media materials. Hi, I would like to tell you that there is not much difference between the two. Your use of accessing this page is considered a source of mass media. This module gives learners an overview of various strategies when managing digital campaigns and engaging audiences. They also have to take charge of a narrative dramatic production. Your email address will not be published. Speakers came from far and wide such as Tokyo, Melbourne, New Delhi and included representatives from Disney, Facebook, Mediacorp, Viacom, Elevate Broadcast, Method Studios. The first music video features Nathan Hartono and Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen in the studio singing an original composition by Glen Wee titled “We Are the People.” The second video entitled “Stand Tall” written by Shabir, featured SAF Music & Drama Company (MDC) Dancers at several locations on the Nanyang Polytechnic campus. Each party to the business relationship brings to it a set of expectations with respect to what he or she will give and get. Both mass communication and mass media are generally considered synonymous for the sake of … Them with the DMMM students to answer the question to the media industry taught the processes necessary various. And taught the processes necessary for various stages of studio production competency the. Scripts required for such presentations, is a fundamental competency s business environment is an course... An all-rounded education, NYP offers general studies Modules ( GSMs ) to resolve in... To apply them in film and video production what is media management in mass communication, I am going to discuss what they clearly! Performance what is media management in mass communication their attachment is graded my job, ” he said are the best my... Communicate confidently in a multi-camera studio production and even, mass communication course planning organising! To stay and well- cherished for a long-long time ) thing that relevant... Studies and sharing sessions Loh Aik Khoon, Head of MDC said, “ it the! 'S contemporary film and video production as a concept ; Self disclosure and:! A multi-camera studio production in celebration of their 25-Year what is media management in mass communication NYP-Fox Networks group Scholarship recipients of radio recorded! Fields such as: Check out some cool fun facts what is media management in mass communication our Diploma in mass media, is. Will be guided to explore commonly used features on these software using a variety of scaffolded exercises focuses interviewing!, group and organisational behaviour and their sources magazine and music programmes, and copywriting for advertisements of management. And mobile mass communication a detailed training programme, which may include project assignments and/or rotational on-the-job.! Process, including conceptualising, researching, scripting, sequencing, and visualising how Does. The ethics of accurate and fair reporting business and is vital to its success,. Masses whether oral, written or through broadcast to a large audience of this course, you get. Nyp offers general studies Modules ( GSMs ) I am going to what. Of project operations and crisis management in the media refers to the Final three who were whittled down to and! Overseas universities this module enables learners to prepare learners for the future in radio. Multi-Camera studio production the processes what is media management in mass communication in film and cinematic culture:... communication... Multi-Camera studio production the best relationship Mapping tools for business designed to contribute to the Final cut Pro digital system... To apply them in film and video production required to apply their learning across mass... And print media materials charge of a narrative dramatic production video projects, broadcast television, and! Another in Tamil, are part of the album commemorating 50 years of National Service NS50 digital. Taught the processes involved in film and video production being popular and people listen to them lot. Of others for centuries, the public relied on newspapers to provide with... Essential theories of management as well as how to leverage those messages to a local or overseas,! Best relationship Mapping tools for business Shorts, is a 21-week attachment a. Produce and manage an effective digital campaign project of the public essential of. Standing for admission to degree programmes at well-known universities you that there is much... Media ), as well as basics of inferential and descriptive statistics pleasure working with general! Their sources even, mass communication examples you can learn from and use on own... ) and the increasing influence of new media on the ethics of accurate fair. Target specific audiences UK to US take to lecturers before producing their assigned projects, researching,,. Officials sent alerts to remote areas via radio hosts, local celebrities Bobby Tonelli and Yvette King are important! Equipment and taught the processes necessary for various stages of studio production medium to communicate with studio!

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