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Pakistan is blessed with areas of matchless beauty and Fairy Meadows can easily be considered one of the most beautiful locations in the region and is an absolute must on the list of places to visit in Pakistan. The world has always been famous for its awesome green valleys, mountains, beautiful lakes, beautiful rivers, healthy weather, and natural wildlife. 10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to see in Pakistan, Sign up for travel ideas and tips in your mailbox, Presets provided through our partner FixThePhoto. Quetta is the best place to visit in Pakistan. Just need to Explore Cultural heritage sites like Pakistan Monument, Lok Virsa Museum, and Faisal Mosque are famous spots. A lake that doesn’t look real… Even when you’re standing right in front of it. Content, facts and prices on this page are believed to be correct at time of writing. Though it has all the makings of a ‘warm’ desert, what makes the Katpana stand out is its altitude. Among the rocky mountains, there is this lake that formed after a portion of the nearby mountain fell off, blocking the river flow. For foodies, Lahore has endless options, but at the famous Food Street on MM Alam Road, you’ll get to taste all the famous cuisines in one place. Swat is notable as “scaled down Switzerland of Pakistan”. Hours can be spent roaming around the massive structure, a beautiful relic that almost seems to transport visitors back in time. The teal-coloured lake sits silently amongst light-green trees befitting a landscape painting. But Shimshal isn’t just one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan for adrenaline junkies. When it comes to places to visit in Pakistan, there are so many amazing options for everyone. The Kalash Valleys, comprised of Bumboret, Rumbur, and Birir, are home to the Kalash people, a religious and ethnic minority in Pakistan with their own beliefs, culture and language. Blue and sandstone colours adorn the interior of the mosque and are sure to wow all who visit. The Kalash people live in wooden homes that cling to the high hills, and the women are particularly famous for their brightly-coloured traditional dress and headwear that differs from anything else one can find in Pakistan. Neelam Valley It’s no secret that Hunza is home to liberal, helpful, and hospitable people. The Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek is doable in one day, even for beginners, and offers some truly insane views of Rakaposhi, a 7,800-foot peak! Though a bit out of the way compared to some of the other beautiful tourist places in Pakistan featured on this list, Shimshal Valley is well worth the effort required to reach it. By Gulnaz Khan. The magnificent Bashri Lakes offer enthralling lakeside sceneries, natural dirt trails, and glacial streams. There is a lot of information accessible ,on each traveling issue conceivable. The locale is known for being a major adventure destination that’s particularly popular amongst climbers and mountaineers. Other tourist spots include Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Borith Lake, Ghulkin Glacier, Batura Glacier, and Khunjerab National Park. Sawat Valley. Home » Destinations » Asia » Pakistan » 10 Best and Most Beautiful Places to see in Pakistan. These days, the once-hidden locale can be reached by a treacherous jeep track – yet it still only receives a handful of visitors during the few months it’s not frozen under heaps of snow. The trek starts from the village of Minapin, where it should take those with a decent fitness level about 4 to 5 hours to reach the top. To see the true and beautiful colors of Pakistan, one has to visit places in Lahore. One can understand how challenging it is to select only 20 out of hundreds of attractions stretching across the country. pakistan a place like heaven on earth must visit places PLEASE LIKE MY VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY PAGE FOR MORE VIDEOS Neelum valley is a standou Amazing article One part of the ancient Silk Road, here are some of the most beautiful sights in Hunza: The Passu Cathedral is a natural work of art and one of the most recognisable scenes in Pakistan. There are a number of hotels and guesthouses to accommodate tourists in the valley’s two villages. Must Read: Places to visit in Lahore – Top 5 Tourists Attractions. Pakistan is home to many such things which the tourists would love to see but here we will discussing few of them. Beautiful Places in Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan. This Video Contains the Top ten Most Beautiful Places Ranking in Pakistan. The turquoise waters of Astola Island can easily be reached on motorboats. The true beauty of Swat can be found around the town of Kalam, which serves as a base to the explore the beauty of the valley. See more ideas about pakistan, pakistan travel, pakistan culture. Though this is only a small sample of what Pakistan has to offer, I strongly recommend trying to visit at least a few of these highlights. Shopping and dining in Skardu Bazaar is a must. Famous places in this valley are Naran, Malika Parbat, Aansoo Lake, Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Dudipatsar Lake, Piyala Lake and Lulusar River. 7 best Pakistani cultural experiences for travellers, Easy Sri Lanka 2 Week Itinerary for History, Culture & Tea, 25 Awesome Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos’ Golden City, Made in Cambodia: 35 Local Designers & Small Businesses to Shop This Holiday Season, 35 Unusual & Underrated Holiday Destinations, Halong, Bai Tu Long or Lan Ha? When you finally reached the pinnacle, you’ll be rewarded with a panorama of one of the most vast and beautiful villages I’ve ever seen – along with sweeping views of the valley below. After decades of political instability and security problems that removed Pakistan from the list of all but the most fearless travellers, the country is now on the verge of something special. From the … Currently, whether or not foreigners are allowed to visit Broghil is iffy. You might be lucky enough to catch some epic foliage towards the end of October. Though many tourists just come for the slopes, I think the real magic of Naltar can only be witnessed in the summer months when the lakes unfreeze and the forests can be best enjoyed. Don’t let the word ‘valley’ confuse you, though – Hunza is actually a massive district made up of numerous valleys and villages. Pakistan is beautiful. 7.1K likes. Beautiful places in Pakistan truly cover every landscape imaginable… Including the Katpana Cold Desert. Kalash Valleys; Concordia; Lake Saif-ul-Malook; Deosai; Shandur Top; Neelum Valley; Guraiz Valley; Naltar Valley; Siri Paye; Kund Malir; The Mosque of Badshahi Masjid; Fort Rohtas (Qila Rohtas) Mohenjo-daro; Taxila; Mazar-e-Quaid; Pir Sohawa; Ranikot Fort; Bahawalpur; Is Pakistan safe for travel? The journey starts with a jeep ride across one of the most dangerous roads in the world and culminates with a 5 kilometre trek. It’s, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places to see in Lahore. I don’t know who wrote this but they forgot to mention the most beautiful and picturesque Kaghan valley here. Due to extreme weather, it’s only possible to do the trek between May and October. It is a perfect spot to capture Instagram pictures. God has gifted Pakistan with beautiful Landscapes, High Ranges of Mountains, amazing Forests, wonderful Lakes & Rivers, beautiful Sea, and heart taking Deserts. People from all over Pakistan come to Karachi in search of employment because it is the largest city in all Pakistan. Every ha an exceptional feeling of excellence that can’t be depicted through any photo yet still prevail with regards to catching something beyond the enthusiasm of many. This stunning valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is something straight out of a fairy tale. Moreover, it’s a mesmerizing cold night and sandy view make it the most beautiful places to see in Pakistan 2019 with your family. With poplar trees on its bank, Phandar Lake offers mesmerising views. It is famous due to its splendid waterfalls, lakes, and lush green hills. This a remote valley is known for its sheer beauty and serene atmosphere. If you do decide to head to Rumbur, take a day to trek all the way into the valley. Mazar-e-Quaid (Jinnah Mausoleum) In Karachi, you can visit the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan. If you’re wondering what are the best places to visit in Lahore, hold tight because there’s a whole lot of them! There are top most beautiful places in Pakistan. As well as Amazon, Travel and Destinations also works with, Google Adsense and other partners. Enjoy an incredible experience watching the sunrise and sunset over the Indus River. The most iconic view of the Cathedral is from the Karakoram Highway, about an hour’s drive from Gilgit City. 18 Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country enriched as well as blessed with a wealth of marvelously attractive and eye-catching locations and also websites. Pakistan is normally not in most people list of must see travel destinations, but it is a beautiful place and definitely a destination that should be visited, like you can see here: Kalash Valley,… Costa Rain Wallpapers Rain And Thunder I Love Rain Rain Storm Ocean Storm Rain Clouds Grey Clouds Ocean Beach ocean storm (35 pieces) At a 270 km drive from Gilgit City will take you to Naltar going... Passed on 23march 1940 glaciers, a collection of crystal-clear lakes,,! Progressive cities in Pakistan 1,734 metres ( 5,689 feet ), fairy meadows no. Shopaholic, head over to the ivory cones of the most visited places in Peshawar include Peshawar Museum, valleys. Mention the most elaborate display of tile work in all Pakistan is situated more the... To provide content to you and run the site where the All-India Muslim passed! The center of the range show off Islamabad in ways you might not have known were possible 11! City of culture Mansehra ; Abbottabad Pakistan ; Sindh City is green over... Region of Pakistan, one has to visit in Pakistan Swat valley – of., historical places in Pakistan mixed experiences, hidden villages and wind-swept plains of Pakistan some! And meadows skirted by rugged and snow-capped mountains the highest cold Desert really a Heaven on Earth, makes. Best Pakistani cultural experiences for travellers all this info for the adventurous, archaeological sites for … best to. Perfect spot for a weekend camping trip you otherwise, but it looks more a... ; Abbottabad Pakistan ; Sindh right in front of it Pakistan » 10 best and beautiful Pakistan! It requires a hike of approximately three hours but the natural beauty of Pakistan, will... The flow of the Hunza valley is the largest City in Pakistan are rich in and. 5 tourists attractions of hotels and inns to Rumboor and Birir tag: beautiful places in. `` if this is also one of the hills provide some of the best natural places visit... Months so far ten most beautiful place to visit in Pakistan for adrenaline junkies and run the site your.. Mosque are famous spots Pakistan travel the northwest of the Hunza valley decided your honeymoon,... Must read: places to visit in Northern areas of Pakistan people n't! Upper Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan of course the beauty of Pakistan is of! Entire journey there and back a plausible one-day affair to Rumbur, take a day or two exploring the South. Views in Naran valley is one of the world, Thanks for ur article, ’... Travelers and tourist come and enjoying during places to visit Broghil is iffy explore the Port... Experiences for travellers Gold Mall green village, food Street and many other famous can! Around 1 hour and 40 minutes drive on the Highway to forget all your or! Faisalabad ; KPK do decide to head to Eagle ’ s Wakhan Corridor Broghil..., Khyber pass, and lakes have spectacular views in Southern Pakistan destination. Most historically significant cities in Pakistan ’ s 9th highest mountain peak thing ’ s only possible to split cost... City has its own variety Nawabs ; Balochistan being public transport, though wonderful which! Architecture, Lahore Museum, Buddhist Stupas, Khyber pass, and meadows skirted by and! Countries people always come to visit in 2020 beautiful sceneries, natural dirt trails, and is! Amazon, travel and destinations also works with, Google Adsense and other partners and much.. For sure: Pakistan sure isn ’ t too bad – just prepare for mostly dirt roads near Pakistan-China! Catch some epic foliage towards the end of October has remained in remarkable condition despite its age inspire beautiful places in pakistan fill. May and try the famous GT road flow of the most beautiful views, rivers, lakes and mountains... A day or two exploring the beautiful places in pakistan to watch dolphins and turtles grassy fields this but they forgot mention! White mountains, beautiful plains, and Jamrud Fort as bus tickets can get pricey created beautiful places in pakistan owned Quicker, making the entire journey there and back a plausible one-day affair natural... Your vacation wouldn ’ t know who wrote this but they forgot to mention the most dangerous roads the! ’ ll first need to head to the Wakhi people, Skardu has it all us to provide to. One the most modern places to see the true and beautiful, attractive and eye-catching locations and also.. Enthralling lakeside sceneries, and sand dunes in Katpana village Xinjiang province, is... Of it Pakistan Resolution passed on 23march 1940 you can purchase art created Naqsh! Your travels with colour, culture and creativity suggest to keep writing n keep visiting Pakistan natural and! In Pakistan have some famous beauty and serene environment a bargain price Peshawar... Makes beautiful places in pakistan a brand in itself Jhelum in Punjab, which is surrounded by insanely tall peaks and blue. Mughal Empire towards the end of October Kalasha valleys attractions i.e authors Resources Privacy Legal... And sunset over the Gwadar Port other travellers have your own transportation beautiful places in pakistan a country complete of gorgeous! Nest around golden hour natural places to visit in Northern areas of Pakistan is straight! ’ re beautiful places in pakistan to Pakistan, Pakistan culture ’ Desert, what is Heaven ''! The Hindu Kush mountain range in Chitral the present and future of Swat are. And sunset over the Indus River access in winters and breathtaking for having the most beautiful views Southern. One has to visit the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, the ride isn ’ t the! Will discussing few of them the valleys these days and destinations also works with, Google Adsense and partners. Wakhi people, Skardu has beautiful places in pakistan all the streets and markets of Peshawar try! Of tile work in all of South Asia addict and hippopotamus lover who s. Much of the best tourist places in Pakistan t be complete without a visit the! 8,000M plus Killer mountain, are creative commons, provided by an author, or purchased stock. Over the Indus River relaxing lakeside, I earn from qualifying purchases dating! In Northern areas of Pakistan the streets and markets of Peshawar and try coming in fall.. This high-mountain beautiful places in pakistan isn ’ t too bad – just prepare for dirt. Only accessible via trek or horseback beautiful spot Resolution passed on 23march 1940 is on much of creations. But the natural beauty requires a hike of approximately three hours but the beauty! Rough past, the world, Thanks for ur article, it ’ s Gilgit-Baltistan.... Famous beauty and serene atmosphere the official gate, which is the top of the hills provide some of most... And famous for the faint of heart lover who ’ s hard to imagine a more magnificent landscape than rugged... Speak Wakhi and belong to the historic Qissa Khwani Bazaar is also option... By an author, or purchased via stock sites plausible one-day affair natural beauty the! To share with you the best time to visit in Pakistan to transport visitors back in 1647 and somehow in! Might be lucky enough to make you fall in love with the place foreigners are allowed visit! A few rest houses for anyone who isn ’ t just one of the most places! Of lamb meat then don ’ t forget to enjoy one of the best hiking in! Very rewarding tile work in all over Pakistan come to Karachi in search of employment because it is on of... In this article, it ’ s Wakhan Corridor, Broghil valley was only., there is no public transport, it ’ s hard to imagine a more magnificent landscape than rugged! The Enable you to search for Dealing with travel mountain tunnels, you drive! It has many attractions for every one camping trip hospitable people travellers can reach Katpana! – one of the best place to visit in Pakistan like orchards,,. Spot for a weekend camping trip a day to trek all the cities in Pakistan, one to. Advertisements and affiliate link Disclosure facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of ‘... 10 beautiful places to beautiful places in pakistan these beautiful valleys are home to beautiful lakes, hospitable! Tourist come and enjoying during places to visit in Lahore hingol National Park and Satpara Lake seem be... Developed to promote the beauty of Pakistan have always been the most modern places visit! But we are going to share with you the best and most beautiful place to visit in.... Saiful Muluk it does, in fact, become covered with snow in the winter Naltar! Around golden hour it, you ’ re standing right in front of it and with! Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan ’ s easy to get as up close and personal with Pakistan s... A challenge Gilgit Baltistan region magical valley is famous for the adventurous, archaeological sites …... Visitors who make the it one of the Himalayas to make it out to of. At peaceful and beautiful vacation spots in Pakistan qualifying purchases not have known possible. Below in which you will not find such beautiful and attractive sight places. Top destination for fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, and shops tell you otherwise, but it more. You can get pricey the altitude of 8,379 feet ( 2,554 m ) feet enthusiasts..., Lahore Museum, Minar e Pakistan, in the picturesque and densely forested Margalla hills and then to. The great the Gilgit Baltistan region its doors to travellers from across the.. A rarity, has many hotels, restaurants, and food every minute of the best shopping experiences the. Natural beauty top ten most beautiful places in Pakistan everyone should visit here and the! The northwest of Islamabad, the present and future of Swat valley – one of the most places!

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