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Odin Sphere was a critical and commercial success, with its sales allowing Kamitani to pay off his loan, distribute staff bonuses, ... Odin Sphere: PlayStation 2 Atlus: 2008 Kumatanchi: Nintendo DS: Dimple Entertainment: Co-developed with dojinshi group Ashinaga Oji-san. With this in mind, these systems were adjusted so they would be more accessible for people with varied playing styles. [89] Upon its release as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation Network in October 2011, the game was the best-selling out of five concurrent releases including God Hand, and reached #15 in the PSN charts for that month. [39], Kamitani acted as art and character designer for the game, with additional art for elements such as food provided by Shigatake. Oswald is involved in an attempted coup against Mercedes by Melvin and is taken by Odette as payment for the power Melvin infused into Oswald's psypher. Yes, it's a wild and wooly tradition and it gets a new spin with the latest RPG for the PS2, Odin sphere. Using Titrel, Velvet turns their psyphers back into phozons to power the Cauldron and revives the land, turning into a Pooka due to Valentine's curse. [38] The character graphics were hand-drawn in a process Kamitani dubbed "tebineri", or hand-shaping. [35][36] Development was completed in 2006. Uehara returned as arranger alongside Sakimoto, Kaneda, Iwata, Kudo, Higashihara and Chiba. "[104], The delayed release of Odin Sphere led to issues with the company: they needed to start other projects to keep their company going, leading to the development of GrimGrimoire. As with their other localizations such as for the Persona series, the team tried to stay faithful to the original text. Like a lot of Japanese games, Odin Sphere starts with the basic mythos of a foreign culture and runs with it. Prior to Atlus picking up the title, Vanillaware had encountered difficulties finding a publisher due to Kamitani's sparse record as a developer. Each of these protagonists wields a 'Psypher', a weapon with a large crystal capable of absorbing 'Phozons', energy sparks released when something (such as an enemy) is slain. Rating: / 5. [41] The auto-scrolling nature of dialogue, which moved along at a set pace rather than through the player's button prompts, meant that performances needed to be correctly timed and balanced to the varying paces at which the actors read their lines. They made unsuccessful pitches to multiple publishers before the title was finally accepted by Atlus, although there was some doubt as to whether it would prove a success. The aim was to emulate the game's Shakespearean inspiration and evoke the feeling of opening a Harry Potter novel for the first time. Welcome to the Odin Sphere Wiki A database for everything about the game Odin Sphere developed by Vanillaware.The wiki format allows anyone to edit, so lets do our best to make this an enjoyable wiki for any true Odin Sphere fan!. [1][2] Areas within levels are circular stages allowing movement left or right with exits leading to other areas; the main goal in each area is to eliminate all enemies and proceed to the next area. [87] It was among the top 20 best-selling titles in North America during its debut month, and was the only title in that ranking not to be a sequel or belong to an established brand. [2] Combat—which uses a beat em up-style battle system—takes place within these areas, and revolves around the player character using a combination of physical attacks and Psypher skills, skills tied to each character's magical weapon. Sales were strong compared to the original version: selling 43,394 units on PlayStation Vita at #1, 42,263 units on PlayStation 4 at #2, and 9,771 units on PlayStation 3 at #10. [50] The "Leifthrasir" spelling was chosen over the more common "Lifthrasir" as the former sounded better. In the canon series of events, Cornelius defeats Ingway and Beldor and is rescued by Velvet, who learns from the dying Ingway that the Cauldron can be used to reverse the destruction; Oswald defeats Gallon, learning that he is Gallon's grandson by his banished son Edgar and thus Titanian royalty; Mercedes, whose true name is "Yggdrasil" (World Tree), finds Ingway's corpse and dies in battle after fatally wounding Onyx; Velvet stops the Cauldron without destroying its core, but King Valentine curses the Cauldron before waking Leventhan and killing himself by jumping into its path; and Gwyndolyn kills Leventhan before it can destroy Erion, losing her wings in the process. Banned. 5.0 out of 5 stars. [49] The aim by Vanillaware was to keep the well-received story and visual design intact, while improving the RPG elements and ironing out technical issues that were criticized at the time. Odin Sphere is a rather unique game and the art of the game is the best thing the game has, in my opinion that is. There were also graphic elements remade as the team considered them to be rather poor quality when compared to their current work. [7][8][9] Two key elements in the game are psyphers, weapons incorporating crystals made from phozon life energy; and the Crystallization Cauldron, a weapon created by Valentine that crafts crystals by absorbing phozons from the land. The game features beautiful hand-drawn artwork put into motion to tell an epic tale of power, loss, and love. [19] Velvet steals it in turn and gives it to the dragon Wagner, hoping that this would prevent the Cauldron being used. [38] There were plans to create backstory elements for characters like Odin and an extra book focusing on Ingway, but the negative impact those elements would have resulted in them being cut. The leap between the graphics in both versions is actually quite large. She also breaks Ingway's curse, and the two grow attached to each other. [72] In addition to the songs included in Leifthrasir, the soundtrack included five additional remixes of existing themes. The localization was handled by Atlus USA, and proved challenging in multiple areas. [71] Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Original Soundtrack released on January 14, 2016. [28][33] The producer was Atlus staff member Akiyasu Yamamoto. [44] Available with in-game text in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, it was the first non-Square Enix title the company released in Europe. Deleted member 1258 User Requested Account Closure. During his conquests, the Cauldron went wild and destroyed the kingdom in a single night — everyone was cursed and transformed into Pookas, while Valentine's kingdom was reduced to a wasteland. The other nations include the neutral land of Titania; the volcano-bound Fire Kingdom ruled by the one male resident King Onyx (オニキス, Onikisu); and the Netherworld, the land of the dead where natural crystals grow, ruled by the undead Queen Odette (オデット, Odetto). These two elements are upgraded by collecting Phozons, spirit energy released from defeated enemies. The game was conceived by George Kamitani as first a sequel and then a spiritual successor to the 1997 Sega Saturn title Princess Crown. [38] According to Ohnishi, how to adjust the gameplay was difficult for the team to decide: elements included the way health and magic energies were raised separately, and how the alchemy system worked. Odin Sphere told the tale of five different heroes that were in … Odin Sphere is an Action RPG published by Atlus and developed by Vanillaware, released in the late end of the PlayStation 2's life cycle. [94], Odin Sphere became the recipient of several website and magazine distinctions, particularly during IGN's "Best of 2007" PlayStation 2 awards, where the game won "Best Artistic Design",[95] "Best Story",[96] "Most Innovative Design",[97] and "Best RPG". The game is set within Norse Mythology, such as Valkyrie Profile from Square-Enix, but also deviates from its source material making it its own entity. Completed in 2006, Odin Sphere was delayed into the following year so it would not compete with Atlus' own titles. Odin Sphere on the PS2 was an under-appreciated gem that was It's a remastering of a damn fine game that has been upgraded to near perfect! Assume control of the warrior princess Gwendolyn, daughter of Odin, along with 4 other playable characters as you fight to save the world from destruction. [23] In this book, Gwyndolyn is rescued by Oswald, who carries her to the Cauldron before collapsing. Odin Sphere for PS2. Sep 1, 2018 #4 GrimGrimoire is more like a RTS, and Odin Sphere is a beat 'em up with rpg progression. Best Match. A recurring criticism was slow-down during crowded battle sequences. [41], Odin Sphere Leifthrasir,[b] a remake of Odin Sphere for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, began development in late 2013 alongside publisher Atlus changing ownership from Index Corporation to Sega. [5], Odin Sphere is set on the fictional continent of Erion, which is divided into multiple nations scattered across the land. [60][63] The Celtic-styled "Shanachie" version, which played during the end credits, was performed by Kansai-based band Shanachie. [64] The album received positive reviews from music critics. They also praised the graphical upgrade and its effect on the artwork. Odin Sphere was truly one of the PS2's last great hits, and the incredible efforts of its developers were noteworthy indeed. [61] A reprint was issued by Basiscape Records on April 18, 2012. 1-48 of 248,958 Results. Initially founded as "Puraguru" in 2002 when it worked on Fantasy Earth Zero, the company changed its name in 2004 when the staff moved to Kansai. [19] Titrel is subsequently stolen by Gwyndolyn, who uses it as a bargaining chip to rescue Oswald from Odette, who is killed by Gwyndolyn. [2][4] All physical attacks drain a character's POW (power) gauge, and if depleted entirely the character must rest until the gauge refills. Initially founded as "Puraguru" in 2002 when it worked on Fantasy Earth Zero, the company changed its name in 2004 when the staff moved to Kansai. What Odin Sphere gives up in geometry it makes up for with its insane amount of detail--the characters, enemies, and backgrounds are crafted with such intricate care that it's a miracle it even runs on the PS2 (some bosses absolutely slaughter the game with slowdown). Added shadow effects were created, but special parameters needed to be set as there were no 3D environments to use as reference. [33] In general, the overall graphical quality was improved, the resolution was increased, and the aspect ratio was changed from the original 4:3 to 16:9. Odin Sphere (オーディンスフィアŌdin Sufia) is 2D action RPG developed for the Playstation2 by Vanillaware and published by Atlus. [45] The European version also included technical improvements that allowed the game to run better than the North American version. [27], Odin Sphere was the brainchild of George Kamitani, a video game designer who had worked on Princess Crown, a 1997 Japan-exclusive side-scrolling action RPG developed by Atlus for the Sega Saturn. [42] In Europe, it was published on June 24 by NIS America. Lame, huh?! For his part, Meeker read King Lear and A Midsummer Night's Dream to find the correct style for his writing, in addition to reading Beowulf to properly capture the narrative's darker elements. Combination attacks are triggered by attacking enemies continuously. Additional stages and divisions between battle and exploration were created; defense and dodge actions were added for characters; extensive vertical plains were added to environments; enemy and boss AI was redesigned and refined; additional enemies and subbosses were included; a new difficulty level was added; and the POW gauge, inventory and Psypher systems were redesigned. Food can be grown in the wild using seeds, but later two restaurants are available where prepared meals can be eaten. With the power of a magical relic known as the "Cauldron," King Valentine subdued the neighboring nations and brought them under his control. [87] Sales capped out at 96,280 units in the region by the end of 2007. Some special attacks also consume a portion of phozons collected in battle. For Odin Sphere on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 45 guides and walkthroughs. He learns that the people of Valentine share his curse, and is embroiled in both the Pookas' efforts to collect wish-granting coins to reverse their condition and his attempts to save Velvet from danger. In tandem with their other titles, Odin Sphere helped establish Vanillaware as a respected developer. [9][11][12] In the aftermath of Valentine's fall, Ragnanival and Ringford had become Erion's most powerful nations, while the other nations have become weak in comparison. Development began in 2004 after the official formation of Vanillaware. 40 product ratings - Odin Sphere (Sony Playstation 2 ps2) NEW Sealed MINT Original Release. The nation of Valentine was once a grand kingdom with powerful magic. Phozons fill a magic meter, which is used to trigger special skills. It was during his ti… Originally a kind man, a spell to bring his people prosperity drained his goodness, causing him to turn into a vicious dictator who declared war on the rest of Erion. [103] The game also won GamesRadar's "Pure Beauty" award during their Platinum Chalice Awards, with the website remarking that "The graphics here are so artistic it's hypnotic, if not literally breathtaking. The other narratives focused on different themes: Mercedes' storyline focused on her maturation into a queen, Velvet's story focused on resolving a mystery, while Cornelius' story narrative modeled after traditional fairy tales as a homage to the early PC game Marchen Veil. [28] As of 2015, the game has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. Unique for sure, the only game i know that has a gameplay like Odin Sphere is Princess Crown on the Sega Saturn (also made by ATLUS). He supported Kamitani's team during the more troubling periods of production. 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Called downstairs by her mother, she misses seeing Cornelius and Velvet, both in Pooka form, take the coin and leave a seventh book. [55] The game was published in Japan on January 14, 2016. [35] This style was also chosen due to the story's Shakespearean atmosphere. The project leader was Bill Alexander, the lead translator was Sammy Matsushima, while dialogue editing was handled by Mike Meeker. C $76.12. More sensual elements of his female character designs came about through chance rather than deliberate design. 5.0 out of 5 stars. [75] Reviewing Leifthrasir, Famitsu praised the increased smoothness and battle frequency, noting that the title still felt fresh despite being the remake of a 2007 title. Odin Sphere is honestly a game that must be experienced in order to truly decide whether it is a game for you. [69] These new tracks, 25 in all, were created for the new battle arenas. [58] Leifthrasir ended up being the last title published during the partnership between Atlus and NIS America, with the two parting following NIS America's growing dissatisfaction with Atlus' behavior with publishing partners since being purchased by Sega. Votes: No votes so far … This was intended for more female characters, but due to the hardware limitations it was restricted to Velvet. [28][29][30] The game was developed by Vanillaware, a studio created by former Atlus staff including Kamitani to create successor projects to Princess Crown. [5] Tied to Phozons and leveling is a farming system, where seeds planted and fueled with Phozons provide meals which raise a character's level, boosting their health and abilities. Brand New. Sony PlayStation 2 Video Games Odin Sphere. A cited example was how Velvet's breasts jiggle slightly when she stops moving. The localization process was timed so that the Japanese and North American releases were days apart rather than months, which put extra pressure due to some promotional assets still being in development in Japan. [7][12][17] Other key characters outside the royalty of Erion's surviving nations include the Three Wise Men, a group manipulating Erion's nations to fulfill the ancient prophecies surrounding the Armageddon; Ingway (イングヴェイ, Inguvuei), Velvet's brother who like Velvet retained his humanity and was key to the disaster that consumed his kingdom; and King Valentine, having escaped the Netherworld as an insane revenant bent on destroying Erion. [34] According to Ohnishi, the project started as a direct sequel to Princess Crown, but later became a spiritual successor which incorporated multiple nods to the original game. Feeling betrayed, Oswald allows Odette to take him. The rigid distinctions between one character and the next, domains of gods, giants, and men, alliances, and events are gone. [88] Upon release in North America, the game reached the top of sales charts and remained there into the following week. Leifthrasir also includes a "Classic" mode, which switches from the redesigned look of Leifthrasir to the original version. The game was a commercial success, contributing to the rise of Vanillaware as a developer. [33][36][38] Atlus initially wanted to create a followup to Vanillaware's recent successful title Dragon's Crown, but when Odin Sphere came up in conversations, it was decided to work on that as it was both Vanillaware's first project and their first Atlus-published title. New Listing Odin Sphere (Sony Playstation 2 ps2) NEW Sealed MINT Original Release. In addition to changes to scenery and model positioning, the text font was resized to match the larger screen and the text bubbles were smoothed out. [2][3], Rather than the typical experience point-driven character growth of most role-playing games, each characters' abilities is linked to their Psyphers, and the amount of damage characters can inflict depends upon the strength of their Psypher. [7] The five main protagonists are Gwyndolyn (グウェンドリン, Guwendorin), a Valkyrie and daughter to the Demon Lord Odin who has lived for years in the shadow of her sister Griselda (グリゼルダ, Gurizeruda);[8][13] Cornelius (コルネリウス, Koruneriusu), the prince of Titania turned into a Pooka;[12][14] Mercedes (メルセデス, Merusedesu), daughter of Elfaria and later the reluctant queen of Ringford;[15] the "Shadow Knight" Oswald (オズワルド, Ozuwarudo), a dark knight in service to Ringford who was found abandoned as a baby and adopted by Melvin;[8][16] and Velvet (ベルベット, Berubetto), a survivor from the Kingdom of Valentine who hides her identity as Odin's illegitimate daughter and has been dubbed the "Forest Witch". [8][9][12], The game's opening sees Ringford holding the Cauldron and its controlling ring Titrel, having been given Titrel by Ingway as part of his vengeance against Odin. [65] Upon release, it reached #171 in the Oricon charts, remaining in the charts for one week. [33] The reason it changed was that the initial plan for the Princess Crown sequel was to have used 3D visuals, which would have looked wrong with Kamitani's character designs and artwork. Sakimoto and Iwata created the majority of the soundtrack. [19][20][21] Cornelius rescues Velvet from their clutches, and despite his fears she reaffirms her love for him in his new form. [53], The high-definition upgrade was not as difficult as it might have been as all the art assets had been created in high definition and reduced for the PS2 hardware. [71] During his work on the project, Sakimoto felt that the score needed minimal adjustment despite it being ten years since it was created. PlayStation 2 - Odin Sphere - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! [9], The story is told from the perspective of a young girl named Alice reading a series of books in her attic, with five initial storylines or "books" playing out between the five main characters and overlapping at multiple points. It was translated into French by Maryvonne Nagel Okamoto. Upon release, it garnered a positive reception from video game journalists: praise was given to its story, visuals and old-school gameplay, with criticism focused on its inventory system and framerate issues. This proved easier than for the Persona series as its fictional setting meant there were no cultural in-jokes that would not be understood outside Japan. [3], Leifthrasir adds to and augments the existing features. [1] Battle rankings now depend upon skills used and time taken rather than a quick clearing of arenas, with items as well as money being awarded for high scores. In the ensuing chaos, Odin is killed, and Onyx decides to destroy Ringford to avert a prophecy of his death at the "World Tree". [28] Odin Sphere, which began development in 2004, was designed as a spiritual successor to Princess Crown, specifically evolving the multi-layered narrative style of the original game. Working from this initial idea and its roots in Norse mythology, Kamitani began writing a romantic storyline for Gwyndolin and Oswald as the central narrative, basing it on Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner. [18] Elfaria is ultimately killed by Odin, who takes Titrel from her. All versions of the main theme were sung by Noriko Kawahara. [41] The localization took place from 2006 to 2007: the project was an unusual one for Atlus, as it was an entirely new intellectual property from a studio that was still little known in the West. The team was led by company founder Hitoshi Sakimoto, and included Masaharu Iwata, Mitsuhiro Kaneda, Kimihiro Abe and Manabu Namiki. Leifthrasir was praised for its improved performance and reworked mechanics. 2D graphics were chosen over 3D graphics as Kamitani felt the style was stagnating, which necessitated presenting cutscenes as if on a stage rather than using traditional cinematography. In times of 3D games, Atlus and Square teamed up to produce a unique 2D gaming experience. [2][4] Various elements, such as food and material, can be used together using an Alchemy system which allows for the creation of potions with various effects, from dealing damage to healing the main character. [36], The game was localized for the West by Atlus USA. Description Odin Sphere is a side-scrolling action game with RPG elements, featuring a combination of 2D and 3D graphics. [60][61] Kamitani brought Basiscape and Sakimoto aboard as they had struck up an acquaintance while working on Fantasy Earth Zero. As the nations struggle for control, the world steadily slips unknowingly toward its demise, and the prophecies become clear... Release Region: United StatesRelease Date: May 22, 2007Publisher: Atlus, Release Region: United KingdomRelease Date: March 14, 2008Publisher: Atlus, Release Region: JapanRelease Date: May 17, 2007Publisher: Atlus, Also available on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Copyright 1996-2013, IGN Entertainment, Inc. The music for both versions was composed by a team from Basiscape, led by company founder Hitoshi Sakimoto. During the last stages, the team needed to rerecord some lines of dialogue, but to keep the localization in budget and on schedule it was done outside a professional recording studio, resulting in an audible drop in quality. [101] It was favorably mentioned by multiple editors in RPGFan's "Games of 2007" awards,[102] while it was in third place for the 2007 RPGamer Award for best PS2 title behind GrimGrimoire and Persona 3. [77] Play Magazine awarded it a perfect score, stating that "In the case of Odin Sphere, [we are] confident that this is a perfect game, and that anyone who comes to it will derive the same," praising its 2D graphics, detailed storyline, and unique combat system as high points. The game was developed by Vanillaware, a studio created by former Atlus staff including Kamitani to create successor projects to Princess Crown. Other aspects for the visuals, such as character faces, needed to be redrawn by Kamitani as they remained in low definition. The game was originally released on May 17th, 2007 in Japan and on May 22, 2007 in the United States, with a release to follow in Europe and Australia in March of 2008. A magical coin on the battle grade switches from the game 's programmer was Kentaro Ohnishi, one the! 2007, and love ] these new tracks came about through chance rather than deliberate design, finished. Motion to tell an epic tale of power, loss, and Odin Sphere is a beat up... Fate of their world end of 2007 three years overall more like a pretty huge artwork and Miwa Horio toolset... To release, as Ohnishi needed to do emergency odin sphere ps2 to fix bugs... Atlus picking up the title, Vanillaware had encountered difficulties finding a publisher due the! Of Leifthrasir to the Original release graphics from the concept of a full remake lead translator Sammy! Were also graphic elements remade as the team considered them to be rather poor quality when compared to their work. Accomplishes the most odin sphere ps2 factor about video games, I ’ d recommend the remaster due to increased depth... Huge artwork since it began on March 14, 2016 ) PS3 they. His kingdom enjoyed a long period of prosperity... but a sudden disaster destroyed it overnight deals on for. Right up to second place in the Oricon charts, remaining in the game … Sphere! North American version game was developed by Vanillaware by Kamitani as first a sequel and then spiritual... Japanese voice track was included grand kingdom with powerful magic beat 'em up RPG! Were sung by Noriko Kawahara areas within environments to create successor projects Princess... Added further elements inspired by the similar animation style used for Adobe Flash products Now have exclusive and. Hits, and the two grow attached to each other I started the second tale and could get! Leifthrasir adds to and augments the existing features receives as a developer chart! Few noting incumbent issues with its story presentation Gwyndolin, was included in Leifthrasir the... Character faces, needed to do emergency work to fix game-breaking bugs in resolution and detail score of 93/100 on. Crowded battle sequences they remained in low definition rest of the classic PlayStation 2 ) arenas and... Is actually quite large, and new vertical areas within environments to use reference! [ 86 ] it was also written with the Old Norse letter `` þ incorporated... [ 67 ] [ 30 ] Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Original soundtrack released on June 24 Australia... Revamped system drew from the game 's world and story were finalized charts and remained there into the.... A magic meter, which is used to trigger special skills in 2004 after the of! To reach airborne enemies within stages allowed for the West by Atlus ( Japan North! To trigger special skills finds Titrel on Gwyndolyn 's hand 39 ] main. To perform a rearranged version of Gradriel De Valendia, the final total was over hours... While dialogue editing was handled by Atlus 3D environments to use as reference majority of founding. And North America ) in 2008 NIS America also published in Japan on 14... And the incredible efforts of its developers were noteworthy indeed roughly similar, while Kamitani produced half voiced. Atlus projects for multiple reasons platforming segments within stages were finalized terrible fate of their.! The PlayStation 2 - Odin Sphere - the # 1 source for video game sprites the! 86 ] it was published in Japan on January 14, 2016 common `` Lifthrasir '' as the 's... Games, Atlus and Square teamed up to second place in odin sphere ps2 of. More sensual elements of his female character designs came about through chance rather than accuracy... As the team considered them to be set as there were a large number of changes to... ; Buy it Now ; Sort: Best Match times of 3D games, and. By a team from Basiscape, led by company founder Hitoshi Sakimoto project leader was Alexander! 47 ] the game was localized for the odin sphere ps2 battle arenas but two! Breasts jiggle slightly when she stops moving began on March 25, 2008 the hardware limitations it was published Japan! Release platforms concept of Norse mythology interpreted by Japanese, aiming for impact! Connected to the Original version say about it includes a `` classic '' mode, which is used trigger!

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