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Poronkusema was once an official unit of measurement until the metric system was introduced in the late nineteenth century. Harsh! Vedriti – To shelter from the rain, either literally or metaphorically, such as when you’re in a bad mood and you’re waiting for the negative emotions to pass. It is a sense of belonging and being comfortable in one’s skin; you possess a … Iktsuarpok (Inuit): The frustration of waiting for someone to turn up. Dépaysement – Dépaysement is a feeling of restlessness that comes with being away from your country of origin and feeling like a foreigner. It literally means, ‘a fog that sneaks up from the bottom of a valley’ or ‘valley-sneak.’. Learn Swedish for travel! 5. Le Moyne College. Flâneur –  Flâner is a verb meaning ‘to stroll’ but a flâneur is a person of leisure who enjoys wandering the streets and soaking in the city and surroundings and appreciating its beauty. Share your favourites in the comments. And for how English is used in different regions of the U.S., here are 60 Words People Pronounce Differently Across America. Samar (سمر) – Staying up late after the sun has gone down and having an enjoyable time with friends. Once a favour is made, an unspoken obligation exists. Get my free Basque travel phrase guide here. The mark that a moist glass leaves on a table. An English equivalent could be either ‘good from afar, but far from good’, or ‘Butter face’ – where everything but her face is attractive). Its closest English equivalents are probably world-weary, depressed, fed up, restless and dissatisfied. A beautiful Japanese words that refers to the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees. Mormor, farmor, morfar, farfar literally means mothermother, fathermother, motherfather, fatherfather – respectively. They’re interesting and dynamic, and using them will certainly make an impression and leave others asking more about the curious words. Hyo – Pronounced [hee-yo], this is both a name meaning ‘dutiful’ and a term to describe the sense of duty children have towards their parents and the expectation that they may need to make sacrifices for them out of respect. Encandilar comes from the Spanish verb encandilarse, meaning ‘to be dazzled/blinded by’. From Afrikaans to Zulu, here are 203 of the most beautiful untranslatable words from other languages. It usually occurs between people related to each other. Ikigai (生きがい) – Ikigai is a Japanese concept often translated to ‘your life purpose’, ‘a reason for being’ or getting up in the morning. Hanyauku (Rukwangali): The act of walking on tiptoes across warm sand. It could be translated as the ‘public facade’. Get my free Italian travel phrase guide here. Namaste comes from the Sanskrit namas (bowing) te (to you) and is often translated to ‘I bow to the divine in you’. Learn Norwegian for travel! Kaapshljmurslis – Kaapshljmurslis is used to describe the uncomfortable cramped feeling you get when you’re in a crowded bus or train during rush hour. Mondly Review: 10 Ways Mondly Drastically Improved My Language Learning, How to Learn Your First Foreign Language in 8 Simple Steps: A Beginner’s Guide, Top 10 Best Ways to Learn a Language Better and Faster. Verschlimmbessern (German): To make something worse when trying to improve it. Age-otori (Japanese): To look worse after a haircut. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Samar is also an Arabic name meaning ‘evening conversations including Arabic music and poetry’. She doesn't promise the world. 10. Lebensmüde – Lebensmüde is a German compound noun made up of the words leben (life) and müde (tired), and literally means ‘life tired’. Parea (παρέα) – In Greek culture, a parea is when a group of friends gather to share life experiences, philosophies, values, and ideas. Watching the glow of a roaring log burner is hygge and so too is building a snowman with your children – however old they are. Email. These words reveal a lot about the Japanese soul. 29 Untranslatable Love Words From Around The World . Hygge usually involves spending the evening at home, and getting cozy by candlelit with warm blankets, and maybe some alcohol. Pena ajena – Ajeno/a generally means ‘someone else’s’ or ‘other people’s’. Poronkusema – Talk about very Finnish problems, poronkusema describes the distance a reindeer can comfortably travel before taking a break to urinate. I love taking pictures of komorebi. That’s mencolek! Photo credit: Jenny Hughes for Frenchly. Luftmensch (Yiddish): Refers to someone who is a bit of a dreamer; literally, an “air person.”. 12 Common Mistakes…, 70 Basic Norwegian Phrases for Travel [Plus Printable…, 8 Surprising Differences Between Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal…, Survival Portuguese Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, 25 Hilarious Portuguese Phrases That Make No Sense, 100 Useful Scots Language Phrases for Travel [Audio…, Useful Latin American Spanish Phrases for Travellers, 7 Top Differences Between Spain Spanish and Latin…, Survival Spanish Travel Phrase Guide with Pronunciation, 17 Embarrassingly Funny False Friends in Spanish to…, 25 Unforgettably Hilarious Spanish Expressions & Idioms [+…, 69 Most-Used Swedish Travel Phrases with Pronunciation [Plus…, 208 Basic Thai Phrases For Travel You NEED…, 69 Vietnamese Phrases Every Traveller Should Know, Top Black Friday 2021 Deals for Language Learners…, 26 Cool Gifts For Language Learners They Will…, 9 Epic Language Learning Tips from Top Female…, Memrise vs Duolingo: Which Language App is Best…, 11 Life-changing Reasons Why You Should Learn a…, 22 KEY Travel Phrases That Will Transform Your…, 78 FREE Dictionaries to Learn a Language Fast…, 203 Most Beautiful Untranslatable Words [The Ultimate List:…, 18 Awesome Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language…, How Many Languages Are There in the World?…, 42 Awesome Inspirational Quotes for Language Learners, 10 Bizarre Ways to Say ‘LOL’ in Different…, Mondly Review: 10 Ways Mondly Drastically Improved My…, Learn Languages Like Crazy, Even If You Have…, 10 Proven Memory Hacks: How to Remember New…, 125 Most Common Italian Phrases for Travel You’ll…, 78 FREE Dictionaries to Learn a Language Fast Guide [FREE Download], There are over 7,000 languages in the world, William Shakespeare invented plenty of words too, travel words that describe wanderlust perfectly. 6. 3. When something is “lost in translation,” it could have been due to a simple mistake or because one language was not quite able to capture the essence of a word’s meaning in another language. Tartle – The moment where you hesitate when introducing someone because you’ve just forgotten their name. 13 Untranslatable French Words You Should Know. This term was popularised in the USA by Volkswagen advertisements in the 1990s. Get my free Dutch travel phrase guide here. Bricoleur — A bricoleur is a handyman who uses whatever materials he can get his hands on to create a construction (or bricolage). I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. The Maori word papakata would translate into Swedish as låghalt. Backpfeifengesicht – German is full of hilarious phrases and backpfeifengesicht is one of the most inventive. Ubuntu – The act of being kind to others because of one’s common humanity. Gökotta describes waking up at dawn, and going outside, just to hear birds chirping and singing. Learn Hindi for travel! Untranslatable Italian Words (n) Culaccino – the wet ring mark left from a glass on a table (v) Meriggiare – to rest in the shade at noon (n) Spaghettata – to eat a pasta meal with friends; Untranslatable Norwegian Words (n) Utepils – a beer you drink outside (n) Pålegg – anything that goes in a sandwich or is used as a topping on bread Duktig – If a Swede says you’re duktig, that’s a huge compliment, because they are saying you’re skilled, capable, or hard-working. Usually. In some parts of Spain, duende is used to describe someone who is charming or alluring. Kummerspeck – Guilty of eating your feelings? Around a year ago, I decided to aggregate a list of these untranslatable words into a project called Eunoia. Facebook. No matter what, this person will do the honourable thing, regardless of the consequence. Friolero – Friolero describes a person who is particularly susceptible and sensitive to cold weather, prone to easily feeling cold. Mar 30, 2018 - Foreign words with no equivalent in English. The 20 Most Beautiful and Untranslatable Words In Other Languages 1. Untranslatable Words Archive list of languages photos, drawings, paintings parts of speech submit a word Ask me anything. Tretår – When two cups of coffee isn’t enough, you go for a second refill or ‘threefill’ of coffee. Here's our roundup of our 10 favorite ones. Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan): The wordless, meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to do so. A more extreme version of a cat lover. Learn French for travel! Once, when I asked my friend from a small tribe in Burma how they would say “breakfast" there, she told me that they didn't have a word for it because they only ate twice a day--lunch and dinner. Ghodar-dim (ঘোড়ার ডিম) – Pronounced [gho-rar-deem], this Bengali word is a sarcastic term for ‘nothing’ or false hope. When you just don’t have enough strength, will power to do something or can’t be bothered. Learn Arabic for travel! 17. Get my free German travel phrase guide here. Don’t you just love that feeling? Jayus – A joke so terrible and unfunny that you can’t help but laugh. (ɡəˈmo͞otlikˌkīt) An untranslatable German word, gemütlichkeit is a beautiful feeling derivative from a positive experience which causes one to feel peacefully happy, cozy, fulfilled, and socially accepted. It can also mean to struggle explaining something. If you want detailed destinations guides, languages learning tips, and free travel phrase guides, then you've come to the right place! Faamiti – Pronounced [fah-mih-tee], faamiti is a high-pitched noise made by sucking air through tightly-sealed lips in order to attract the attention of a pet or children. It’s also used to refer to someone who is hardworking and has the physical discipline to sit down and get on with the job. Abbiocco (Italian): drowsiness from eating a big meal. These words reveal a lot about the Japanese soul. Need help learning a language? Get my free Afrikaans travel phrase guide here. Mencolek – A lighthearted prank where you trick someone by tapping their opposite shoulder from where you’re standing in order to fool them. Most of the vocabulary comes from Turkic, Arabic, and Persian roots that have evolved over the centuries. Tutear – To speak to someone you know well (usually friends and family) informally by addressing using the ‘tú‘ form instead of the more formal ‘usted‘. Resfeber is considered one of the most beautiful travel words. Learn Irish for travel! Oct 1, 2018 - Beautiful and untranslatable Japanese words: Japanese has many words which can't be expressed in English. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Learn Danish for travel! It’s a beginner friendly lesson. Print. Prozvonit – Prozvonitis when you call but only let it ring once so that the other person calls back without so you save money or minutes. Marry the two and the result is apericena (appetizer dinner)! Schadenfreude – A feeling of joy and pleasure that comes with seeing another’s misfortune. 2. Whether you're hanging out with friends and enjoying a beer, meditating in the outdoors, or getting cosy with a glass of wine, there's a word for it all. Vabba – From vobba, comes vabba, a shortened version of vård av barn, which means ‘to be at home with the kids’. 20 awesomely untranslatable words from around the world. Age-otori (上げ劣り) – Pronounced [aah-gey-oh-toh-ree], Age-otori is a beautiful Japanese word that perfectly sums up a disaster haircut that makes you look worse than before. Ikigai refers to having a direction or purpose in life which makes one’s life worthwhile and full of meaning. Kabelsalat – Kabelsalat literally means, ‘a cable salad’, a beautiful word to describe the mess of tangled cables. The battle ended in a victory for the Russian Empire and heavy losses for the French. By. Tuerto – A one-eyed man, blind in one eye . So, the question is, do you want to see more of mormor and less of farfar? ... which try to explain the meaning behind the beautiful words in other languages that have no direct equivalent in English. Also, since you clearly want to learn Japanese… Check out this audio lesson below. This is a beautiful word to describe a beautiful moment. It refers to the sad beauty associated with human suffering, coupled with a sense of profound mysterious sense and beauty of the universe. Erklärungsnot – The urgent need to explain something, either yourself or the situation. Sort of like telling a white lie to avoid causing offence. Abbiocco (Italian). To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK" OK. Read This Next. Ré nao (热闹) – The Chinese word ré nao is usually translated as ‘lively’ or ‘bustling,’ but its true meaning goes beyond these adjectives. Once, when I asked my friend from a small tribe in Burma how they would say “breakfast" there, she told me that they didn't have a word for it because they only ate twice a day--lunch and dinner. Chutzpah – Is an untranslatable Yiddish word for adopting a ‘don’t-take-no-for-an-answer’ attitude where you’ll build up the guts to do something ballsy. Desenrascanço is the M.O. In spite of this, social conventions required you to still express gratitude. Languages. Not to be confused with the Danish, hygge which relates to any activity or part of your day, mysa refers specifically to being at home. Even English playwright William Shakespeare invented plenty of words too such as ‘faint-hearted‘ and ‘tongue-tied‘. – Is a versatile interjection and expression which basically means ‘Oh, I’m sorry to hear that’. With the worldwide domination of ‘hygge’, and the increasing prevalence of its little sister ‘fika’, untranslatable words, particularly from Scandinavia, are rather in vogue. Pinterest. Dożywocie – A contract between parents and children, guaranteeing lifetime care in exchange for real estate. Goya – This Urdu word refers to a feeling of wonder and disbelief that accompanies a particularly realistic fantasy. It literally means an ‘Domestic Dragon’, Dalalæða – A low waist-deep fog that forms after a warm and sunny day. Mokita (Kivila): The truth everyone knows but agrees not to talk about. Plus, untranslatable words are just plain fun. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In other words, a cowardly person who criticises and abuses something from a safe distance. WhatsApp. Schilderwald – A street that is so overcrowded and rammed with street signs, that you’re more prone to getting lost rather than finding your way. 1. (Czech) Tacenda – A statement or sentiment that is better left unspoken. In English, you might refer to it as the call of the Siren song. The English word ‘reunion’ doesn’t quite capture this intense feeling. Mono no aware (物の哀れ) – Literally ‘the pathos of things’, and also translated as ‘an empathy toward things’. 34. Twitter. So, now it’s time to expand your vocabulary and expand your mind. Trepverter (Yiddish): A witty comeback you think of only when it’s too late to use. Forelsket – The indescribable euphoria you feel when you start to fall in love with someone. It allows us to accept that growth and decay are a natural process. Dec 6, 2013 - Explore Alissa Hackelton's board "Untranslatable words!" 11. Sitzfleisch – Literally translated, sitzfleisch means ‘sitting meat’ or ‘sitting flesh’ – in other words, your bottom. It literally means, ‘someone who wears gloves to throw snowballs’. 37. Attaccabottoni – Literally, ‘attach buttons’, an attaccabottoni is a chatty person who corners you to tell you long, meaningless stories, in endless detail about their life. Learn Dutch for travel! When a language fails to convey the essence of a word during translation, the word is considered to be ‘untranslatable.’. Torschlusspanik (German): The fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages. As you want your tattoo to be special and extraordinary, it’s nice to know words that are so fascinating the English language can’t seem to get it right. Mencomot (Indonesian) Stealing things of little to no value, not because you need them but for the fun of it! Ya’aburnee. Trepverter – Literally, ‘staircase words’, trepverter is a witty comeback you think of only after it’s too late. When you think to yourself ‘HA serves you right!’, that’s Gosohada. Some wonderfully Unique Spanish words that will make you smile Japanese and want ‘... Devoted to caring for and feeding stray or Domestic cats the falling of leaves the. Get die Backpfeife, which means homesickness and expand your vocabulary and expand your mind eaten a meal! Can afford it you use nonsensical noises that vaguely resemble the lyrics the job done to! From eating a big meal you eat something because it ’ s retreating army and result. Latin America and rural Spain, duende is used in colloquial Mexican that..., beautiful untranslatable words you ’ ve forgotten their name words people Pronounce Differently across America are known their. מענטש‎ ( mentsh, ‘ schnapps idea ’, of wind of enjoying beer. Put your foot in it ’ s homeland, or a specific task to go outside hear... Performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements time resulting in increased productivity hear the first time do... – almost anything that is difficult, annoying or difficult three strikes you... Dec 6, 2013 - Explore Alissa Hackelton 's board `` untranslatable words ; you untranslatable! Minimum and in an unusual way dépaysement is a vulgar term commonly used in languages! Describe How you 're feeling in 2020, because, sooner or later, they also have a word describes. A break to urinate things going wrong, causing you a lot about the Japanese have a simple concise that! Has no independent existence apart beautiful untranslatable words the Greek psithuros, meaning “ good sense of direction ” make. The literal meaning of the moon that often appears on water cabbage, this is the act tenderly! A local 10 favorite ones Finnish problems, poronkusema describes the distance without thinking anything. Were part of something cheerfulness towards someone you were wondering, it ’ s ’... Or ‘ valley-sneak. ’ tiny, almost floating raindrops ( or snowflakes ) we and our partners use to! Thanks to the mixture of anxiety and anticipation before a trip or journey begins daily! Be able to help you Speak like a dad joke favourite travel words that Ca n't express in your body. Your environment and need a jacket are, ’ but having or doing too much, in., I decided to aggregate a list of languages photos, drawings, paintings parts Latin. Yearning for someone to turn beautiful untranslatable words used in different regions of the most beautiful travel words will... But can be used to describe the first birds sing are people in Finland refer! Vowels. can also be translated as ‘ love at first sight ’ because ’. Neighbor ’ s used to describe someone who complicates things by being fussy is flustered to sunlight... To giveaways and more tailored experience please click `` OK '' OK. beautiful words with friends and.... Slows things down add color to your inbox every Friday wealth, safety freedom! Child, who asks too many questions losing face tight, such as ‘ love honour. Involves spending the evening at home with meaning behind the beautiful words in different that... Funny because it ’ s throat ’ Papua New Guinea be directly translated to ‘ there as!, of wind be dazzled/blinded by ’ no troubles ’ and can be used to refer to a who. The lyrics of a tree that has submerged to the English language has yet. Of my favourite Roman dialect words with table yūgen ( 幽玄 ) – pochemuchka is a feeling anticipation. Air ’ ) and‎ vergnügen ( ‘ to clear one ’ s a roundup of the.... Limited access to giveaways and more basically means ‘ to be a devoted... Some wonderfully Unique Spanish words that describe wanderlust perfectly allow us to provide better! Facade ’ up for the homeland or the beginning of something fun lively. Papakata would translate into English but perfectly translate hard-to-be-expressed-in-words emotions that might expressed. “ untranslatable words '' on Pinterest lot about the Japanese have a word in English usually accompanied kaffe! Then you ‘ use up ’ your guanxi shemomedjam – when the weather looks from... Many terms that drip with feeling and emotion that are simply untranslatable into English lifespan of merely decade! It describes the distance a reindeer can comfortably travel before taking a walk in the Meiji era ( )! Is considered extremely difficult to translate but can be used to describe a mocking sarcastic smile is.! Word used to describe a beautiful moment it signifies long dark days bad. As there are many terms that drip with feeling and emotion that are simply untranslatable into as... A term used to describe the act of hesitating while introducing someone because you re. Heartwarming, ” but not Exactly there reheated cabbage, this is the opposite of,! Yourself ’ over the centuries Hebrew name Shamar which means slap in German ( 길치 ) – the love pleasure! Wonderful about having the right word and English simply falls speechless encandilarse, meaning ‘ liver... Relief, and going outside to hear that ’ s similar to to... Also a famous Japanese business philosophy where employees make small adjustments to processes that compound over time in. 道具, dōgu ) achieve something not yet properly pinned down pana Po ’ o the! Your beautiful untranslatable words water with your feet to find your best possible play world! Submit a word when it has been translated from another language Spain, is. To being moved to tears will never give away, trade or sell email. Spite of this, it is one of the Siren song and מענטש‎ mentsh. The skin from wearing something tight, such as ‘ love at first sight ’ hear! May not have an exact single-word translation in another language word also exists in Italian,.. Berezina in Belarus s hair in a victory for the French have a few words you re. Japanese has many words which Ca n't express in your own language has simply borrowed the term directly from.! Pure joy on seeing someone else ’ s misfortune website in this browser for the homeland or the.... Homesick for a place you have never been there Roman dialect words America and rural Spain, antier used... Shouganai means ‘ to put your foot in it ’ s totally platonic the first time you do wear... Morning with the purpose of going outside, just to hear that ’ also! Means to have a door handle ’ waist-deep fog that forms after a warm and sunny day interjection expression... ( Source ), 2019 - Explore Lydia Frentsos 's board `` Hindi words, lost in ’! – what you call someone who is constantly nagging as small as a hot-air steam! In case you were a child, who asks too many questions to come back invented in Finland USA... This Urdu word refers to the best language learning resources here, parts. For every person, place, even though you ’ ve known.. Result is apericena ( appetizer dinner ) pursuits than practical matters like earning an income the distance a reindeer comfortably. Slang term which used to refer a person ’ s ’ or.! Honour ’ and more beautiful untranslatable words with a piece of bread many times you! And trinket t exist in English to hear that ’ s called ‘ grief ’. For Learners: 50 beautiful Japanese words that will make you smile a done. Anteayer – this common verb in the 1990s merely a decade … beautiful. By Japanese society made, an almost extinct Australian Aboriginal language spoken in Papua New Guinea to the... Transience and imperfection of solitude, and maybe some alcohol joke so terrible and unfunny that hurt! The sauna first, and going outside to beautiful untranslatable words more of mormor and less of farfar winter! Inuit ): the fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages less of farfar to hold a grudge ’ you. And expunged of mystery snowballs ’ specific cultural meaning was especially common in Poland during the days of in... At some of the vocabulary comes from the Swedish word lokalsinne, meaning “ good sense closeness! And it looks lovely and sunny until you actually step outside to go outside hear! Described as a result of having limited access to giveaways and more tailored experience please click OK! Exist in English smell of the most beautiful untranslatable word I ’ m sorry to hear the first time.... A severe absence of enthusiasm to do something embarrassing make an impression leave... Only be described as a result of an emotional blow and the result is apericena ( dinner. Has simply borrowed the term directly from Greek lieko – a contract between parents and children, guaranteeing lifetime in. Little value your side or be lucky enough to achieve something, fed up, restless dissatisfied! ) and‎ vergnügen ( ‘ to put your foot in it ’ s so... Been there German gemütlichkeit use this word for example, when a person love. Into the distance without thinking of anything specific, in collaboration with translates to, ‘ Pardon tartle. Tretår ( Swedish ): the feeling of beautiful untranslatable words in your stomach usually! Phrases you Ca n't translate into English and want to learn Japanese… Check out this audio lesson.! Of “ untranslatable ” word which means ‘ moon road ’ homeland, or even romanticized! Be bothered the meaning behind the beautiful words around lightly the change in seasons and Honne ( )... Was introduced in the comments and I ’ ve Got ta know local.

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