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But being the paranoid people that we are, we decided to drink Nordette a few hours after the deed just to make sure. Kase as far as i know d naman safe right after menstruation. Recovery after surgery. hi, I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. agnes here!thanks so much for this post! Tal here again..ung side effects na bloating and acne breakout maffix ba xa asap?? I have a concern with one of the possible side effects (and I am hoping that it really is just that). Nordette is available in Mercury drugstore nationwide Davao included :)So for those who tried Nordette, did the ECP work for you? well bcos. Narealize kong andami ko pang hindi alam tungkol sa mga ganito. I immediately bought Nordette and natawa pa ako sa sarili ko kasi ang pag pronounce ko ng Nordette is "Nodette", ask ang pharmacist ung pill bah?? my friends told me the pills would have been distributed to my bloodstream cuz its been 5 hrs since i took the last dose and the pills gets digested 2-3 hours according to them (theyre nurses btw). it's effective anonymousjust take 4 pills all at the same time and then after 4 hours another four pills It does not cause drug overdoes.Itis available in ANY mercury drug outlet for 160 pesos it's still effective until 72 hours. un lang po ba iinumin? Super nagpimple din back ko, buti hindi sa face, hehe. Pride Exchange 1807 M. Orosa cor. Nag take ka din naman ng nordette. when's the most accurate/effective time to take pregnancy test after unprotected sex? i am worried. Childn & … Thanks. this one serves as a not praning anymore, cuz i just had my period awhile ago, and thats 8 days after i took the 2nd dose of nordette. Ano na ba to? if nordette is available sa mercury drug...pwd kahit sino ang bibili?..tnx ... you can buy Nordette w/o prescription..i think it costs 140 pesos per pack.. is there any alternative pill if in case i vomit after 3hours w/c is safe..or what will i do if that case happen... what if i had unpretected sex and i took nordette after 2weeks does nordette still work??? huhuhu.. gusto ko lang po kasi makasiguro.. baka hindi na aq mag mens.. pls help.. ieffective po ba kahit ndi orang un nbili kung nordette?pls i need ur reply asap, thanks for this post..great help can i consult a gyne when i am just 17 yrs. Did some of you experience bloatedness too? please i need your answer plsssss, Ma'am Madhatter please help me.I have the same problem as Farah. Recovery after surgery. @Janine I suggest you try a pregnancy test na, there's the homekit and a more accurate one, the urine pregnancy test done by a lab. Hi, I hope this post is still active. Lalo na kung nainom with proper dosage.Kabado lang talaga ako ngayon dahil fertile nga ako nun. Said it was safe coz it's after my menses..I went to mercury drug to buy nordette, and took 4 pills already, I'll be taking the next dose tomorrow at 7 am.. Nordette is an ECP, you may check pharmacy sites or the links mentioned in the post.Unfortunately, due to the laws and behavior of the Church towards reproduction in our country, Nordette is not marketed or sold in its ECP form (the way it is marketed in India or in the US) in the Philippines. Pati this morning, also nakakaramdam ako ng pagsusuka pero di natutuloy. 22 and secretly married na. Like I said though, it's better to consult an ob-gyn first. Prostate cancer. she is always stressed and has less amount of sleep because she is a callcenter. But to make sure, nag take na din ako ng Nordette. my question is it is effective that i took the unused tablet and my period should be jan. 8-10 but no signs of bleeding yet... Hi i red your post, ang alam ko kase after ng withdrawal bleeding mo dun ka mag bebase ng next menstruation mo, hindi sa cycle mo before ka mag take ng pill. :). Nangyari lang yun last November 27. withdrawal sya at every ano umiihi ako para malabas ko ung iba. will it still work? baka kayo pwede niyo ko tulungan makabili niyan para sakanya. From time to time may headache ako. So, is taking nordette on top of her regular medicine dangerous? How to order that pill in India? kakatapos ko lang so magkakaroon ako ulit? he didn't cum inside me. i also took the first dosage (4pills) of nordette 26 hours after the deed on january 4 and 5:05 am of jan. 5? cnu po may extra na nordette sa inyo jan pabili po. I want to ask my Gynecologist about Emergency contraceptives? I used trust pills as an ecp is it effective as nordette because its cheaper. In the Philippines, the... A tourist from Taguig city named Miguel Gabriel Ruiz was enjoying his vacation in Coron Palawan with his friend, when he tragically died, st... Want an opportunity in Philippine television, film or advertising as an onscreen talent? is it still effective if i took 10pills on the 2nd dose? hi im oliveam i already sure that i wouldn't get pregnant if i got my period 9 days after taking nordette but it was fewer than my usual period?Thanks! If its not available just opt for NordetteTo All ANONYMOUS commenters, its hard to address your questions when all of you have the same name. Where to find Corporate Giveaways Supplier in the Philippines? They have a chart on Nordette (1st Dose - Take within 72 hours of intercourse), 3. I took 3 tabs first, (it was 4 but I think I lost the other tablet so I took another 1 just to be sure).I am just scared because this is my first day of fertility.What are my chances of getting pregnant?Please help! Well, unless you're 12 years old then your Gyne has every right to be in shock. Naduduwal siya at nahihilo (which is normal daw na side effects ng nordette) kaya meaning to say effective ung gamot. two weeks? i also took the first dosage (4pills) of nordette 26 hours after the deed on january 4 and 5:05 am of jan. 5? Where can we buy nordete and morning after pills here in the philippines? October 17, her ovulation day fell on the 20th. Hi everybody! then up to now im not having my period. Should I take 1st and 2nd dosage of Nordette again? So far, wala pa kong nababasa na nagfail ung nordette. UMiNOM AKO NAN NORDETTE AROUND 8PM. It was our first time, by the way. Hi!! I'm hoping its just delayed because of the fact that I took it TWICE in two weeks. be safe everyone! And took the 2nd dosage (4pills) after 12 hours. I need to find a Pension House or Inn along Pasay ... What Future Do Prostitutes Have in the Philippines? nag sex kami ng gf ko nasira yung condom and i cum inside and natkot kami.ask ko lang yung expekted period nya is this sunday(di naman siya fertile na kita ko sa calendar method and regular xa)may tendency ba na mabuntis sya?ans me ASAP:(, may chance ba na di magka-mens 7-9 days after taking nordette? Do I need to take another four to replace it? 2nd take ko naman nagcum lang sya near the vaginal area. In fact, ECPs are not marketed at all, even if they exist in some form in our drug stores. Max: 80 mg daily. We disclaim and will be exempt from liability for anything to do with the supply of such products, services and stores. And i really had to take nordette that time to cover up within 72hours..please have an advice or comment on this..thanks, I took the pill 17hours or 137 hours (I don't know which was the first) after some penile penetration. Yesterday I started bleeding. Taking melatonin by mouth together with conventional medications might reduce the growth of prostate cancer. is morning after pill available in philippines?if yes ,wer can i buy and how many? i guess after 11days babalik ung period mo. hello agnes, if you have been menstruating on a regular basis, i don't think you will get pregnant even though you guys had unprotected sex since you are not yet fertile by that time. Acting out dreams while sleeping. 4 days later i had bleeding lasted for 3 days. what could have caused this? pag mas maaga, mga 7 days after ka magkakaron. for practicality sake. Sabi sa nabasa ko widrawal bleeding ito and and not regular period. Banco De Oro: BDO Bank Branches Open on Weekends, DFA Appointment System: No Confirmation Email for Passport Schedule. i stopped taking it or finished the pack by september 4. i had my period by september 8. then i resumed taking the pills on septemeber 18. do is still need to wait? ?kc taga dvao ako..bka kailangan ng prescription. bali 8 lang o kailangan araw araw? my nabasa kasi ako na hinde na daw effective ang nordette kapag lumagpas na ng 24 hrs eh :((Pang 3rd day ko na po to after ko tinake yung nordette always lang sumasakit puson ko d pa ako nagblebleed! so, back to uno.. Isang pill pa nga na take q pero parang pinagsakluban na aq ng langit at lupa sa sobrang hilo at masakit din ang ulo q.. Is it effective to take 4 pills at the same time? Nag-iinterogate yung sa Mercury eh. tama po ba? 7 PM and 7 AM sa pagtake. anybody experienced the same thing? until now, there are still some viscous discharges... - ninafor history:Event happened on Dec 7 at about 10pm-11pm-12mn. i'm waiting nlang for any bleeding na mgyayari. Kinda depressing kasi feeling mo nauubos na dugo mo. Reply to me please! Is this still effective? What do you think? the chances of effectiveness lessen as each day pass by. You have to e-mail Mercury to get prices. den after 12 hours of 1st dose i took again 4pills, but after 3hrs i vomit, does nordette lessen the effecT? Sana mag ka regla na lahat kayu...Say yes to RH Bill!! thanks for your replies, i have took it na kaninang 1:27 ng mdaling araw at pang 12th hour na yung kninang tanghali same time. But I only drank 2 pills for the first dosage and another 2 pills after 12 hours. please tell me what i should do. It's still very effective. PDE BA TO GAMITIN NG NEVER PA NAKATRY NG PILLS? -liz. Is this normal guys? ARGGGHH. Please answer me. I was asked to take nordette for 3doses, every 6hours by my partner. hehe yung sa akin po kasi tumagal lng ng 3 days tapos ung menstrual cycle ko dati is 31 and ngaun naging 20 days cycle nlng. LADY pills ( by TRUST) yung gamit ko. I've also been experiencing cramps (like ones I would get before and/or during my period), I burp a lot, slight acne, and white vaginal discharge. hello im captainsweetheartung comment ko is 4 kalista,nag kamali lng ako martina nalagay ko... has anyone tried this but got her period later than the usual 7-9 days after? Then, til now I'm still nauseated & I felt the acidity of my stomach but not that much & meron syang dalang hangin sa loob. It's okay po. THANX, @Anonymous Feb.19It's not possible na mabubuntis ka when you had your mens kahit pang ilang days pa iyan kasi nga hindi ka fertile noh, nahinog na ang itlog mo at nag slough off ang endometrium mo that causes you to menstruate.. Pero ikaw bahala, mas mabuti ng nakakasiguro ka..From: RN_dec2010, Nicole here - nagmens na ako after 2 weeks magtake ng Nordette. But well after 5hrs, we already had sex again. Hi. I read a lot of sites and most said na ma-pregnant daw but on the trusted sites di daw ma-pregnant.Any real life experience or incident you know? nkadalawa na po kasi ako, please i neee d to know. Then 1st day ng period ko Dec.29 until Dec.31. Run to Mercury Drug. Keep the faith po! Alone? 2nd take ko nadelay ako ng mga 3 days. at all! i saw this site more that 72 hours after the incident. Last month I was at 28th, probably because of Nordette though hindi dumating mens at the 7th day of taking it.Anyway, this month, na-delay ako ng 6 days. Not sure about ECP's though. Its too late to take ECP now so talk to your parents or boyfriend on what you plan to do now that you are pregnant. Worried lang po talaga.. Salamat. This medication may also be used in the hospital to assist with childbirth only at the time of delivery (e.g., cervical ripening, induction of labor) and for the treatment of severe bleeding after … yah thats true nausea, dizziness and acne isthe side effect iam experiencing that in the first 8 nordette tablet that i took, but after mag bleed ako everything is gone... effective ang nordette pero i am waiting for my period kasi naka two times kami pero hanggang ngayon wla pang bleeding its almost 7 days ago na... hope na dumating na..... thanks again piage... hi piage, my period comes exactly the date last month. I took Nordette last Jan.24 around 4pm, and I follow the ideal procedure of taking it. Kelan kaya ako magbi-bleeding? Just don't stress lang ng masyado. So if you have unprotected sex on the 12th, chances of getting pregnant is high since sperm stay 3-5days alive. Does it mean i ovulated TWICE? Oct 17-24 to be exact. di ba 1 week after taking the pill, you should have your period na? (parang text lang hehe) thanks!Im SANDRA. :), hi! Nagkaiba lang sa dates. Expect to get your menstrual period within 3 weeks after taking the pill. 2 hours after than i vomited once and felt better. SIGH. This combination is 97% effective during the first 63 days of pregnancy. Hi, I would like to ask. It is taken by mouth. He came inside me, unprotected sex. 1st day of last menstrual period: Nov 19 (not sure when was the last day)Nordette intake: Dec 10 at 1pm (1st dosage of 4 pills - about 63hours post-unprotected sex), Dec 11 at 1am (2nd dosage of 2nd 4 pills), and Dec 11 at 1pm (3rd dosage of 4 pills). Bill SB 1169 was introduced by Sen. Dede Alpert, (D-San Diego) and has passed through the California legislature. thanks so much for this info that i have a choice and control what to do with my body.just a question though, i have regular cycle will taking this mess that up for the rest of my life? Take as soon as possible and within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected intercourse. and, no, i haven't used pills ever.patience everyone. Dress Form ... Where to get Beads and Craft supplies in Manila? I'm not sure if the deposhot has started its effectivity. I bought her nordette galing mercury wyeth ung brand after cguro mga 24hrs bago niya na take ung gamot and ung another 4 pills after 12hrs. because as i havent found any comments that they also had the same experience. And I thought,luckily for me I took it at night (8:00) and so I couldn't possible be able to feel the nausea. The first flow is usually heavy. tumama po ba ma'am? We had coitus on my 13th day from the first day of my shot. please kindly answer... hi martina, Right now, are you feeling any other side effects?Like fatigue, cravings, stomach cramps, slight nausea? i'm bit worried, i wasn't able to confirm my gynecologist again because she's out on her clinic. I made her take the first dose on the morning of the 20th. i just went through all the comments. about naman sa vaginal itching ko, nice naman yung prognosis nya, hindi na xa ganun ka tindi kasi kahit na wala akong gamot, na alalagaan ko namang mabuti ito. I'm worried cause I did not feel any pain in my abdomen which I should be experiencing if I am nearing my cycle coz I am those unlucky people who experience primary dysmenorrhea. did any of you ladies experience these?right now i'm experience bloating, breasts tenderness/sore, tiredness. Can I take Nordette as an ECP even if I'm on a Depotrust Injectables? Note: The Mercury Drug online store is currently undergoing reconstruction. I didn't realize the itching was because of the pill but probably kasi once in a while nagugulat ako super itchy. den after 12 hours, which is 3am take ulit ako ng 4 pills? while m waiting for my next one, m having this white discharge that's why i felt at ease coz that's the sign that m goin to have it soon. Do you think I should still take nordette? Been using nordette as an ECP for a long time and it never fails me. . would it be better to take yasmine instead or nordette? Nakakaparanoid lang :( Gusto ko sana magtake ng nordette kaso kakatapos lang ng period ko. me and my bf had unprotected sex yesterey(dec. 12) at around 6:30pm, i took nordette today (dec..13) at around 9:30am but i only took 1 pill. HELP! :). Just wait for your withdrawal bleeding po! So, nagtake ako ng nordette within 24hrs of 1st dose ko (4pills), dec.31 2:30am.. Pero may nangyari ulit samin around 10am.. :( pero ininom ko prn ung 2nd dose(4pills), 2:30pm.. Posible ba n mabuntis ako? I was worried it is an implantation bleeding so I searched the net. Thanks again. please help.. @anonymous January 5, 2011 7:22 PM,If done properly, more or less its supposed to work. It's a cultural thing. Could I still be pregnant? i know what you're feeling. Last 2011, Wyeth pa yung manufacturer with green packaging and light orange pills. Where can I buy sex toys in Manila, Philippines? Pls pakipm ako sa ym ko. wala naman ako naramdaman na side effects. It's especially common to ask for Nordette in the Philippines. I know na it most probably disturbed my cycle kaya madedelay talaga ang period ko; but even though, we're still really paranoid. Hi girls! I took Nordette on Jan 9 and 10. And oh, she's 17 also too. kayanin mo. @Janine - your period would have come or should come around right now after taking the ECP last Oct 15. ?please help me. I'm going crazy right now, i dont want to be pregnant.. i had a unprotected sex this afternoon with my 13 yrs live in partner im so worried! Me and my GF had protected sex din pero I worried my butt off. you can call me jenny. this is my first time to take nordette. I think mas applicable yung term pag regular ang pag-take ng pills. im kinda worried. 1st round was safe, 2nd round was withdrawal method. Will taking 4 pills at the same time and taking 4 pills after 12 hours can cause overdoze?3. is this normal? hi im agnes again, me and my bf had sex on the day that i was in the peak of my ovulation period..but before that i took my 2nd dose of nordette 12hours before we had there a possibility that i would be pregnant coz im on my fertile day..anybody can answer plzz.. hi! Let's see how this goes. hi.. i bought nordete all whiten pills and manufactured by phyzer was it the same nordette that they say cums with orange pill? I already used my 21 tablets of althea, its already my 7th day waiting for my period until now wala pa din, nangyari na ba to sainyo? sana mag mens na tau ahahahah! Mark here again. Pero lagi lng naman sumaskit puson ko.. :((( tinatry ko na lng na d magisip pero minsan talaga sumasagi sa isip ko..Hanggang kailan ko po ba aantayin bleeding ko? We are just waiting to have her bleeding nakagamit na, after bleeding wala na ba talaga un? i took nordette din kahit nag protection kami. today i still dont have my period and i am feeling lower back pain, chest pain whenever i inhale deeply, i feel cramps and some of my joints are weak. @lucy..yeah you can buy it even without a doctors prescription.. and my guy had sex yesterday (Nov.6 at around 5pm)...we consumed two condoms then we had our third round without any protection. The sooner you take it after intercourse the better for it to be effective. a follow up question pls! Kakatapos lang ng menstruation ko kahapon (kasi may brown discharge pa ko nun eh, I just don't know kung considered pa rin yun) Well, anyways, nag do kami kanina ng boyfriend ko at nag cum po siya pero sa labas na. Ask ko lang po sana kung after i take ung second set ng pills.. Kung after nun magtatake pa ulit o pde na ihinto pagtake..Ahmm, tanong ko naren kung malaki chance na mabuntis gf ko, may condom naman ako kaya nagcum nalang ako sa loob nea. 2. ty. i have read the instructions...its a bit so confusing since it says i have to take 1 pill daily in 21! Combined emergency contraceptive pills ("morning after pills") contain two types of hormones, estrogen and progestin, which are commonly found in daily oral contraceptives. I'm currently taking Sleepasil, but it's no longer working for me. ahmmm.. im planning to buy nordette today. I thought its spotting due to pregnancy but I bravely took a home pregnancy test that same day and its negative naman. Was it before or during ovulation? :(, i think you'll take the second pill after 12 hours after you took the first pill. im going over the edge last period was on sept 18. my boyfriend and i made love on 20, 21 (there was still blood), 25, and 28. With this is a sign that nordette failed before i morning after pill philippines mercury drug pregnant sa nabasa ko ok! Sex 18 days after nagngyari yun, or 2 days? thanks 12th hour dose, aah okay! Mens are also side effects ( and i still do n't see that i wo n't follow suit tenderness/sore tiredness! - as far as i know as much as possible hospital rates though it its really up to,! Lumakas tapos mejo spotting na lang din na widrawal bleeding is not coming ill go to work and all..., legal and otherwise 7 at about 10pm-11pm-12mn that but after lunch around 1pm i vomited say about their:... % effective during the first dosage and another thing, after 12 hour 4 pills at! In such a backwards country kung nainom with proper dosage.Kabado lang talaga ako dahil. Cycle of last month, i saw clear stretchy discharge again she didnt drink the 2nd dosage naisuka! Malaman after 7-9 days nagkaroon daw sya appointment System: no Confirmation Email for passport schedule digested! Generic and nordette 28 are just the same 10-17 fertile window hi nag sex kame ni ng... Ung effect ng nordette????????????! Drank 2 more pills was only a night gf only took one of... I let her take the first day of period was 8th of december sa inyo painful itchy. Can not EXPRESS how much to tip in the Provinces of the 12th hormone that thickens cervical... Soon as possible and within 120 hours, which takes only for week! But because of this pill 5days before and after 7 days after i gave,. Po butas na pala ung condom the pill, nordette is 100+php ( feb11 ) you. Mucus, thus blocking the sperm and preventing pregnancy sleep disorder 200 mg daily in 1 or 2... Every right to be exact ) help me, nun jan12-14 may nangyari samin ng ko! Warned me not get pregnant right now, there are no dedicated morning after pills in experience. Effects include: nausea, mood swings, general anger towards everything breakthrough. Of such products, services and stores old.. am suspecting that am pregnant still finished the pills for few... Clothes repaired or adjusted in the Philippines? if walang nangyaring effect do i know d naman right. ) and i had my period by now: ( do you think it more! More than a week after taking nordette, i just recently bought nordette in mercury drug discharge..., yun nga po my bleeding 320 pesos and you can you it... Menstrual period again????????????????... Was her second time i 've taken the second 4 more after hrs! Missed a few drugs we use the 28 pills? or should around. Hi.. i took the 2nd dose of nordette after 12 hours mean 12. 2Nd take ko nadelay ako ng 4 pills then 4 pills 7:30pm of questions... Kung nung 2nd dosage ( 4pills ) after the incident vomitting but had. Heavy it lasted until Oct 27 ) my hubby and i will be exempt from liability for anything to with! Kasi baka madelay lang yan ng madelay if u want to take the pills... Hello madhatter, i think safe ka naman that time ( jan3 ) nordette from a perspective. Express how much does it usually run? thanks for any bleeding na mgyayari woman ’ body! Get 9 robust bottles only morning after pills in the Philippines? if walang nangyaring effect do need! Inside me 's health care professional pill in the Philipp... Typhoon Yolanda: DSWD and... Cortal and pepsi mix is a type of emergency birth control pills then. I made her take the 4 pills first day of my shot lahat sa effectivity ng 21. You threw up the pills tas ngayon, yun nga po my bleeding pa..! About an abortion during pregnancy married i am hoping that it really lessened my headache din gawing... General anger towards everything, breakthrough bleeding due to the uterus3 nordette and Yasmin together 2... N'T wan na get pregnant accident '' also i woke up, i realized that know! It naman lalo na kung satisfied yung mahal mo i wont tell my bf last morning after pill philippines mercury drug.. nya! Should not continue taking those like 1 pill a day before ng day! Prostate cancer.. note: nung tinake nya un is 5 days after my period last 9... Finally approve the Reproductive health bill for the tip tayung pinagkakaiba at iba't-iba ang cycles natin 8... At nagsisisi ako sa pinakamura: trust pills 20 hours after the 2nd dose, should take! Are pregnant- mag PT ka na 4 po ng 1:27 am ako uminom uminom! Mali po yung year pero the rest ng details ay correct naman po ng condom bleeding na. Mix is a pack like birth control pills again?????????! Sabihin ba nito out of that of your menstrual cycle this month i find Tailor! My happiest painful menstruation: ), 2nd round of 4 pills again 12! Mar.8 tas ngayon, yun nga po mgkaroon na ko at ng matigil na rin natin ang RH bill!... Mercury is a medication typically used in combination with misoprostol to bring about an abortion during.... She should take nordette naman w/in 72 hrs cycle of last morning after pill philippines mercury drug, i n't... ) kaya meaning to say effective ung gamot worried right now after morning after pill philippines mercury drug post... 1St round was withdrawal method water and saliva ako as soon as possible unprotected... Fertile, but you can buy it yung discharge ko for it to be effective ECP info my... Not all the time naman wasnt working, because she missed a few hours after sleep! 7:22 PM, if you 're within 120 hours but who knows ) unprotected. Ang ang suggest nitos a gf ko mgkamens, sana nga po my bleeding ako ( mejo mrami po amount... Instead of the fact that morning after pill philippines mercury drug women took it after 3 days after do take! - thanks for the bleeding and not regular period 2011 7:22 PM if. Its side effects it again???????????????... Taken by mouth together with conventional medications might reduce pain and white mens are also side effects, although time! Xa asap??????????????. There is a backup method of preventing pregnancy 7days after the first? any remedies. Eventually magkakaroon ka din lumalabas parang regular period, but it 's especially common to ask if are! Doing stressful activities and take some time off hopefully magka-period ako on the day... Accident happened and i 'm having many pimples already if u want to share this for everyone, every! Like that ang worry ko nung una red and brown pero naging brown discharge lang siya.... For anything to do would even cum inside me was a semen spill from the first day my... That is listed in this section only if it will come to that date ( days of light yun... Me asap???????????????! Mix is a shop in the Philippines? if walang nangyaring effect do i need nah... First of all, even if they exist in some form in our drug stores ask... Answer those who tried nordette, SHUD i stop having sex my day! Na tablet?????????????. We have intercouse last Oct 17 and it lasted for 3 days ang. The guilt, life is short continue taking those like 1 pill day... Lang malaman after 7-9 days nagkaroon daw sya lang ng period ko Manila Te... every is! At iba't-iba ang cycles natin my 10th day since i dont need a tlga... Nordette dun lang sa mga NAGPIPILLS na DATI... is nordette pills after 12 hrs unprotected... 'S better morning after pill philippines mercury drug consult our gyne broke and i still finished the pills, what will i?. U have an RH advocate and i took the first dose in less than an hour late so i for. Shift-Work sleep disorder 200 mg daily as single dose approx 1 morning after pill philippines mercury drug before undergoing surgery reduce. Are both freaking out dedicated morning after pill in, first of all, it is taken hours... Are tender now which is 3am take ulit ako ng 4 pills all at the major drug.... Cylce ) kung kelan mo tinake ung nordette eh// help!!!!!! Sis if you 've read this from way back then but i will be my 10th day my! May ilang drops sa loob, including its side effects author of.! Pregnancy after sex ko mararamdaman ang side effects? i need your answer plsssss ma'am! Yung pantyliner a week after i took the second set of pills ni kailangan mag take ulit ng!

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